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2009-2024  Tobias Pedersen - bass
2009-2024  Troels Pedersen - drums
2009-2024  Adrian Utzon Dietz - guitars
2022-2024  David Hernan - guitars, vocals
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2009-2010  Jón Aldará - vocals
2009-2011  William Norris - guitars
2010-2022  Ole Pedersen Luk - guitars, vocals
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Danish black metal somehow never became a big thing, taking into account that it's a Scandinavian country. The interesting question therefore is: what does it sound like? I will answer this first, for in the case of Solbrud it's quite easy as it's a mixture of Swedish and Norwegian black metal styles with some modern approaches. It has the lo-fi produced guitars and furious bass of Norway together with the death-metalish sounding drums and clearer vocals of Sweden. And to be honest, I could think of better mixtures.
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