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Lethian Dreams

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Also known as Dying Wish

Country: France
Label: Orcynia Records

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Formed in: 2002

2002-Atmospheric doom metal
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2002-  Carline Van Roos - all instruments, programming, vocals
2002-  Matthieu "Lethe" Sachs - guitars, vocals
2013-  Pierre Bourguignon - drums
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2003-2004  Sébastien Pierre - keyboards, vocals
2003-2004  Kweletsy - bass
2003-2005  Valtyr - drums
2004-2005  Stéphane "Theli" Peudupin - bass
2005  Arnold Petit - vocals
2005  Sylvain (I) - drums
2005-2011  Carlos d'Água - vocals
2006-2009  Yann "Eowyn" Irbah - bass
2006-2009  Antoine - drums
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Latest reviews

To be specifically noted for atmosphere within doom metal requires a particular kind of approach to the genre. The Parisian band Lethian Dreams have released their third record in a style which would place great significance on the meaning of ambience, with an accommodating sound made more substantial in Red Silence Lodge.
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Early this January, during the first days of 2012, Lethian Dreams returned with their second full-length, Season Of Raven Words. One could expect a bit of the same, already done before atmospheric melodic doom that blends anguished or grunting male vocals...
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