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Country: Belgium
Label: Offerandum Records

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Post-metal
2004- Sludge metal


2004-  Jasper Bullynck - guitars, vocals
2004-  Kris Vannecke - guitars, vocals
2004-  Davy De Schrooder - vocals, samples
2006-  Davy Vandenbroecke - drums
2013-  Yannick Dumarey - bass
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2006-2013  Thijs Goethals - bass
2008-2013  Tim Gyselbrecht - keyboards, samples, clean vocals
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Bands with a wailing guitar, an all-encompassing bass, and a dose of psychedelic rock are really making me happy these days. It's a moment in time… after the explosion of great music yet before the lesser musicians jump on the bandwagon and cheapen it. Enjoy this moment while it lasts. I know I am.   Review by Susan ››


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