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Country: Brazil
Label: Pitch Black Records
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Formed in: 1997

1997-Power metal


1997-  Marco Caporasso - guitars, vocals
1997-  Mauricio Taborda - bass, vocals
2002-  André Mendes - guitars, vocals
2010-  Thiago Mussi - drums
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1997-2004  Eduardo Marques - guitars, vocals
1997-2010  Marcelo Caporasso - drums
2022  Caio Vidal - bass, vocals
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2005  Olaf Senkbeil - vocals
2021  Henning Basse - additional vocals

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I don't know what is more common, to find Power Metal bands with the word "seven" in their bandname, or find the ones that have the word "dragon" in theirs?
Anyway, here's Dragonheart, hailing from Brazil and playing Epic...
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