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2007-  Nate Rebolledo - vocals
2007-  Brian Ortiz - guitars, backing vocals
2007-  Jason Brunes - drums
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2007-2014  Bryan Valdivia - bass
2010-2018  Jensen Hucle - guitars
2014-2019  Miguel "Mike" Salazar - guitars
2016-2022  Eric "Nordic" Netto - bass
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2010-2011  Justin Moore - additional vocals
2010-2011  Taylor Young - additional vocals
2012  Esther Banuelos - vocals
2012  Alfredo Gutierrez - percussion
2012  Dorian Zambrano - percussion
2012  Greg Anderson - guitars
2012  Omar Gonzalez - percussion

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Xibalba gained some notoriety for realizing that you could blend hardcore and Swedish tinged death metal. They always knew you could sprinkle some doom as well, but this feels like Professor Utonium accidentally spilling "Chemical X" into the cauldron, but it's five huge guys spilling doom.
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This is deathcore made by a band who did not forget what death metal is.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››

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