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2001-  Johannes Eckerström - vocals
2001-  John Alfredsson - drums
2001-  Jonas Jarlsby - guitars
2001-  Henrik Sandelin - bass
2012-  Tim Ohrstrom - guitars
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2001-2012  Simon Andersson (I) - guitars
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2004  Marios Iliopoulos [ MS user ] - guitars
2007  Björn Gelotte - guitar solo
2007  Tony Jelencovich - choirs vocals
2007  Henrik Blomqvist - choirs vocals
2014  DJ Starscream - turntables
2020  Corey Taylor - vocals
2023  Lzzy Hale - vocals

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Melodic Death? Sweden? This sounds too familiar?

The idea of listening more Melodic Death Metal bands from Sweden is almost scary at times, because there are thousands of these bands spreading around the globe. Avatar falls into the category "Melodic...
Review by Undercraft ››
4 Reasons to headbang

Yeah, more Melodeath from Sweden, seems that the flow of Melodeath bands never cease from the Nordic country, this time we have a newcomer, Avatar and this "4 Reasons To Die" their second Demo Cd.

While I was expecting...
Review by Undercraft ››

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