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Country: Iran (original)
Norway (current)
Label: Rexius Records

Links: Bandcamp
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Formed in: 2010

2010- Nu metal
2010- Thrash metal
2010- Metalcore


2010-  Siyanor [-13] - vocals, guitars, bass
2010-  Chemical - samples
2019-  Roger Tunheim Jakobsen - drums
2020-  Edvard Sundquist - bass
2020-  Steffen Normark - guitars
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NA-2014  Dictator - guitars
2010-2013  Mr. Master - samples
2014-2015  Outsider - drums
2019-2020  Erling Malm - guitars, bass
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Loads of metalheads talk big about how metal isn't dangerous anymore. Well, not "here". There's still places in the world where metal is actual resistance. And regardless of how much we glorify and romanticize that, I wish we lived in a world where Confess didn't have to make Revenge At All Costs in exile.
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