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Confess - Drop Lyric Video For New Song

Iranian thrash metal/metalcore unity Confess, who sought asylum in Norway after receiving a 14-year prison sentence for being in a metal band, have released a new song and lyric video "Kill What You Eat".

Vocalist and guitarist Nikan Khosravi: "I have always been inspired by the dark side of things! The things that we all have learned somehow to deny it or deal with it. For example, in us as the human being is the animalistic side! Most of us know how to cover that up but in reality we are no different than other wild mammals! We just know how to act civilized... But in the time of danger like now you can see that we can get back to our roots for survival! The reason why it's called eat what you kill is because after that you also have to deal with the consequences of your actions! There is an irony in that."

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Posted: 07.09.2020 by conscientiousnes

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