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Country: Romania
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 2014

2014-Folk metal
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2014-  Andrei Oltean - vocals, bagpipes, flute
2014-  Ovidiu Ban - guitars
2015-  Paul Cristian - drums
2016-  Ioana Popescu - keyboards
2017-  Roxana Amarandi - violin, vocals
2018-  Andrei Piper - guitars
2019-  Dragos Geomolean - bass
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2014-2018  Alex Giurgeca - guitars
2014-2019  Dragos Bertia - bass
2016-2017  Edwin Marc - accordion, vocals
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2019  Daniel Neagoe - vocals
2019  Robert Cotoros - vocals, guitars
2019  Michalina Malisz - hurdy gurdy
2019  Archy Jay - vocals


2015 Jiana [Single]
2015 Tinca Popii [Single]
2016 Sârbă Ciobănească [Single]
2016 Cei Căzuţi [Single]
2017 Epitaf [Single]
2018 Viu [Single]
2020 Floare De Fier [Single]
2020 Călăuză [Single]
2020 Doi [Single]
2020 Ies [Single]
2020 Dulce [Single]
2020 Biba [Single]
2022 Amprentă [Single]
2022 Cenuşiu [Single] 4

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Radu has kindly done me the service of paving the way for this review, and I’ve made it my business (because Radu has made it my business) to review almost everything that E-an-na has released thus far – an eclectic batch of recordings, no doubt, all with their own merits. Alveolar is only their second full-length album, however, which seems to suggest another more substantial milestone.
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My one major complaint about E-an-na’s full-length debut, Nesfârşite, was that it was too full a length. M.L.R. is a bite-sized blast of compact folk metal that I can dig on repeat, and holy hell, is it ever a party.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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