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Trey Spruance


1985- Mr. Bungle - guitars  
1995- Secret Chiefs 3 - guitar, keyboard, saz, santur, electric sitar, tar  
2004-2008 Asva - guitars, keyboards  

Studio musician

1995 Faith No More - guitars  
2008 Atomic Ape - theater organ  
2014 Atomic Ape - electric guitar, electric piano  

Live musician

2008 Earth - guitars, sitar  

Guest musician

2003 Estradasphere - strings  
2022 Marc Urselli’s SteppenDoom - synthesizers  

Personal information

Born on: 14.08.1969

Preston Lea Spruance III or "Trey Spruance" (born August 14, 1969) is an American composer, producer, and musician, perhaps best known as the leader of the multi-genre outfit Secret Chiefs 3 and for his work as guitarist and keyboardist with Mr. Bungle. Originally a guitarist and trumpeter, Spruance later began playing vintage electronic organs, saz, santur, electric sitar, tar, pipa, and various other string and percussion instruments.