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Johan Edlund


1988- Tiamat - vocals, guitars  
1988 Expulsion - vocals, guitars  
1999-2010 Lucyfire - vocals, guitar  
2006-2008 Apostasy - bass  

Guest musician

1994 Expulsion - vocals  
2000 Ayreon - vocals  
2007 Flowing Tears - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Hellslaughter
Born on: 09.03.1971

Johan Edlund (born March 9, 1971) is a Swedish singer, guitarist and keyboardist who is the leader of the bands Tiamat and Lucyfire. He has also done remixes for some of Rammstein's and London After Midnight's songs. He was also a guest singer in the Dutch progressive metal project, Ayreon. In the beginning of his career, Edlund relied solely on death grunts for singing but later switched to deep, baritone vocals, likely due to the fact that Tiamat underwent a significant genre transition in the middle of the 1990s. He currently lives in Thessaloniki, Greece.