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Eric Peterson


1983- Testament - guitars  
2000- Dragonlord - vocals, guitars  

Live musician

2012 Anthrax - guitars  

Guest musician

2002 Psypheria - keyboards  
2005 Old Man's Child - guitar solo  
2010 Vicious Rumors - guitar solo  
2013-2015 Leah - vocals  
2023 Hollentor - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 14.05.1964


Eric Peterson (born: 14 May 1964) is an American guitarist. He is best known as the only constant member of the US thrash metal band Testament. Eric has also formed a side-project black metal band called Dragonlord, in which he plays guitar and also sings. In Testament, Eric was originally a rhythm guitarist while Alex Skolnick handled all lead work. Recently though, on Testament's new album The Formation of Damnation, Eric plays leads as well as Alex.

Eric was married to Kirk Hammett's ex-wife Rebecca, with whom he has one child. They are now divorced.

Eric's main guitars have been Gibson models for most of his career in Testament, primarily a black Explorer model and a Les Paul. Recently however, he is endorsing Dean Guitars and has been using his own signature Dean V guitar.


Amplifier: Marshall JVM series 210 watt head, with footswitch
Cabinets: Mesa 4x12 Recto Cabinets loaded with Celestion vintage 30s & EVH III Cabinets
Effects: Dunlop Cry Baby from Hell Wah, Boss TU-2 Tuner, MXR Flanger, MXR Stereo Chorus, T.C. Electronic Nova Delay
Cords: Monster Cable
Guitars: Dean Cadillac, Dean Michael Schenker V, Gibson Flying V, Dean Eric Peterson Signature OldSkull V
Strings: DR (tuned one half step down)
Pickups: Dean Flying V: EMG 85 (neck) & EMG 81 (bridge), Dean Time Capsule: Dimarzio Super Distortion Zebras, Dean Cadillac: Seymor Duncan '59 (sh-1n neck) jazz (sh-2 middle), jb (sh-4 bridge)
Picks: Dunlop Purple & Green sharp