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Sean Robert Livingston Peck


1992- Cage - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2012- Death Dealer - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2014-2018 Denner / Shermann - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2018- The Three Tremors - vocals (as Sean Peck)  

Guest musician

2009 Obsequy - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2010 Empires Of Eden - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2010 Emerald (SUI) - vocals  
2011 Lord Volture - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2012 Tony Gabriele's Orbynot - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2012 Empires Of Eden - vocals (as Sean Peck)  
2013 Masters Of Metal - vocals (as Sean Peck)  

Personal information

Also known as: Saen Peck
Born on: 03.04.1967


Born in San Diego California Sean was raised through 2nd grade in sunny Southern California. His family moved North to Alaska where he spent 3rd grade and all his high school years first in Anchorage and then in the Matanuska Valley Palmer Alaska. Sean was turned onto metal late in his teens at 16 years old when his high school friends began to play him Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Dokken and Black and Blue. His first metal magical moment came from hearing Ozzy's "You can't kill Rock and Roll" off of the Diary of a Madman album. "I played that song over and over again. It really hit me and next it was the Scorpions Blackout" Sean delved into metal head first consuming as much metal as he could. Dio and Dokken came and played in Anchorage and Sean witnessed his first metal show. Little did he know later he would share the stage with them several times. Sean began singing in his room and jamming along with Judas Priest, Maiden, WASP and started to actually think he could maybe one day sing like the stars that were postered up on his bedroom walls. Alaska was an all metal State and was a great environment to grow his metal indoctrination. Sean went to college at San Diego State University where he played Division 1 soccer. His first day down in scan Diego he went to a local metal club and saw KIX. " I loved that first KIX album and my first day down in California they were playing! It was sick!" , Sean recalls. San Diego provided a metal environment like he had never known! Every week he was going to shows and witnessing National acts as well as the killer local San Diego metal scene which had tons of talent. Sean soon joined his first band called Tax Evasion. They were a cover band that played the local club circuit and Fraternity parties. The songs ranged from Louie Louie, to the Doors, Beatles etc. Sean began throwing in metal songs and soon Tax Evasion was writing metal original songs. The band actually played before some huge crowds at the San Diego State massive party scene and became well known locally. Sean constantly worked on his singing chops and auditioned for a local band that was as yet unnamed. The band had Gerry Buczko and Eric Horton who would later also be members of CAGE. He joined them and named the band NOMAD. NOMAD entered the local scene with a frenzy and began getting big recognition for their technical prowess and powerful delivery. NOMAD eventually broke up after 3 years or so of gigging and recording and the remnants became part of CAGE.

ImageSean has had many other exploits and accomplishments in his life thus far. He has had a long fruitful soccer career, playing for San Diego State, being indoor soccer champions for 3 years straight in San Diego and even making the professional indoor team, the San Diego Soccers as a walk on. He is also an expert snow boarder who was the first person to ever snowboard in Alaska. He won the Bear Mountain Big Air Championship 2 years in a row and has ruled many steep chutes on many a mountain. Sean is an avid poker player and frequents the massive San Diego poker/casino circuit. He is a San Diego Charger fan and received national attention on CNN and ESPN among other media outlets for his run in with failed draft choice Quarterback Ryan Leaf. Sean can be heard on various talk radio programs where is a regular contributor to several sports and political talk shows. Sean is a state of the art tech guy who owns every late breaking video game system and gadget. He runs his own real estate company which he has done for many years and lives in his beach home with his Fiancée Paulina and their 3 talented kids in the beach town of Encinitas.