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Anders Nyström


1991-1993 Katatonia - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals  
1993- Katatonia - guitars, keyboards, vocals  
1993-2004 Diabolical Masquerade - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards  
1995-1997 Bewitched (SWE) - guitars (as Blackheim)  
1998- Bloodbath - guitars (as Blakkheim)  

Guest musician

2016 Novembre - guitars  
2018-2019 Cancer - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Blakkheim, Blackheim
Born on: 22.04.1975


Anders Nyström, also known as Blakkheim (or formerly Blackheim) is a Swedish musician who was born on April 22, 1975 in Stockholm.

Guitarist Anders Nyström founded the Swedish metal band (doom/death until 1997) Katatonia together with singer Jonas Renkse in 1991. Blakkheim is also involved in the songwriting, backing vocals, keys, programmings, arrangements, art direction and produces Katatonia together with Jonas Renkse.

Other projects:

He used to be a member of Bewitched from 1995 - 1997, is still together with Jonas Renkse in the death metal tribute project Bloodbath [which has existed since 1998] and released four albums as the one man black metal act Diabolical Masquerade (1993 - 2004). Rumours and ambiguous statements by Dan Swanö are hinting at a revival of Diabolical Masquerade, but nothing is confirmed yet.