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Giovanni Battista "Titta" Tani


NA Empty Tremor - drums (as Titta Tani)  
2000-2007 DGM - vocals (as Titta Tani)  
2002-2010 Necrophagia - drums (as Titta Tani)  
2003-2006 Astra - vocals (as Titta Tani)  
2010- Ashent - vocals (as Titta Tani)  
2019- Shining Fury - vocals (as Titta Tani)  

Studio musician

2007-2008 Icycore - vocals (as Titta Tani)  

Live musician

2015-2016 Edu Falaschi - drums (as Titta Tani)  

Guest musician

2010 Mistheria - vocals (as Titta Tani)  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - drums (as Titta Tani)  
2022 Amoriello - vocals (as Titta Tani)  

Personal information

Born on: 20.05.1970


Tani started playing drums only at the age of 23, influenced by Lars Ulrich, Nick Menza and Rat Skates. He started his career in a thrash metal band called Klessidra and, after some years, began to shift from drums to vocals only although he still plays drums in few bands, often as a guest/studio musician.