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Inborn Suffering - Biography




Inborn Suffering is mainly a melting pot of individuals coming from different Metal's horizons.

In Autumn 2002 Thomas Rugolino and Emmanuel Ribeiro got in contact with Stephane Peudupin (Ningizzia/Lethian Dreams/Mislead…) and Nicolas Favard(ex Despond) with the project of forming a doom/dark band.

But during the first Jam Sessions there were strong divergences in what would be the musical orientation of the band as wanted by Nicolas F. They decided not to go on, but later on some kind of musical feeling existed between Stef, Manu and Thomas so they decided to continue playing together; the first tracks (partially abandoned now) of current Inborn Suffering saw the day.

Later on, the three decided to complete the line up, they recruited one guitarist and keyboard player. So during the first months of 2003, Loic Couretete, active musician in French " underground " pagan BM scene (prominent member of Heol Telwen, Nydvind, Bran Barr …) joined as guitarist and Sebastien Pierre (Fractal Gates/ex-Lethian Dreams / Cold Insight…) joined as keyboard player. Both of them having a great passion for doom metal and showing extreme motivation in this project.

Inborn Suffering was born from this gathering of musicians influenced by major bands but with a personal touch creating Inborn Suffering's identity.

Later, Loic, Manu and Fred left for various reasons and were replaced by Laurent(Mourning Dawn) on guitar and vocals, Remi (Krepuskule) on bass.

This new formation has proved its effectiveness during many of the concerts they have performed and during the song writing process.

As of start 2012, Inborn Suffering has finished recording their new album "Regression to Nothingness". The mix of the album was done by Andrew Guillotin (7th nemesis, Glorior Belli, Fractal Gates, Temple of Baal) and the mastering was done by Jens Bögren (Paradise Lost, Opeth, Katatonia, Draconian ...). Their latest album was release in July 2012.

In November 2012 the band announced it's decision to disband via their Facebook page.