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Kanonenfieber - Biography




Behind Kanonenfieber is a young musician from Bamberg who calls himself Noise and deliberately keeps the project anonymous. He lives off a regular 40-hour job, but his passion is music. He devotes most of his free time to this. In the last few years he has built up a small home studio. It was there that the album Menschenmühle was created.

The idea for [band]Kanonenfieber[/band arose from a discussion with a friend about aspects of the metal scene and how historical topics are implemented. Specifically, it was about the topic of the First World War. As a conclusion, the concept of Menschenmühle was born without glorifying the war, without the gore aspect, historically accurate and verifiable with facts.

Helpful: The friend is a hobby historian, with a large collection of letters and original documents from the First World War. And it was precisely these reports and letters that served as the basis for the texts.