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From Rochester, NY, Psyopus create heartattack-inducing, grinding metal, that conjures up whirlwinds and tidal waves of absurd guitar work, harsh vocal onslaughts and hypersonic rhythm bombardment that takes the term 'tech' to an entirely new level. It's hard to believe that they have only been a band for 2 years!

Crushing and outlandish yet perfectly concise, Psyopus gives us a glimpse into the calamity and anguish of a tortured psyche. Both eccentric and precedented, Psyopus may be Steve Vai's answer to tech-metal, coalescing equal parts metallic grindcore and speed metal mixed with all-out shred.

This project was conceived during the fall of 2002. Begining with the unorthodox guitar work of Christopher "Arpmandude" Arp, Rochester's regional winner of 2001's Limp Bizkit Guitarist Search, and the technical absurdness of grind drummer Greg Herman. Finalizing the line up with bass player virtuoso Fred DeCoste and the in your face antics of vocalist Adam Frapolli, PsyOpus have found an intrinsic formula for sonically unyielding violence and insanity.

Composed of bi-polar dynamics, radical arrangements, avant-garde instrumentation and a melting force of pure speed, PsyOpus set out to destroy the molds of extreme metal with unprecedented attitude and conviction. Judge for yourself by means of their debut release "Ideas of Reference" out on Metal Blade/Black Market Activities.

- Taken from official Psyopus site.