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Colosseum is a project with the aim to create the most bleak and funereal atmospheres through music. Darkest hymns for a forlorn souls, diving into the deepest abyss of mind. Drones of delirium and doom are taking their caustic form and the conjurations for the debut album are being prepared.
Dark waters stir... The Gate of Adar has been opened and there's no turning back....

The idea of Colosseum was born in 2006 when the mastermind of Yearning started due to his frustration towards mostly everything to create extremely slow and heavy material.
After composing five full-lenght cd's under the name of Yearning he wanted to do something extremely dark and powerful.Mixture of darkest kind of Funeral Doom Metal with the strong influences from both Dark Ambient and Orchestral Works melted together from the very first beginning. The idea was to mix together the rich and colourful chord progressions of classical music, the soundscapes of Ambient and total darkness and heaviness of extreme Doom Metal. Dauntless slowness and power of Funeral Doom genre mixed with influences from such acts as Dead Can Dance,Lustmord etc.

New songs began to take their form quite easily and finally the compositions were finalized with the lyrics wandering in the realms of suicidal depression,delirium,Sumerian/Lovecraftian myths and ghastly depths evoked by the dismal atmosphere of the music. Some demo material was sent to a few labels and the interest was quite immediate from the underground labels around the world.

At this point the band was completed with Olli Haaranen (guitars/production) and Janne Rämö (bass) both sharing a strong commitment towards the dark arts and also a long background in underground metal. After a while of search they got in touch with Sameli Köykkä (drums) to complete the line-up. Material was constantly evolving and after the few offers from the labels Colosseum finally accepted the one offered by Firedoom Records in 2007.