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Warning - Biography




WARNING are one of England's finest bands to have emerged in the past decade, and also, one of the most lyrically thoughtful and musically uncompromising in their chosen style of glacially slow Doom Metal.

Originally, after issuing their colossal demo's, the band were approached by UK indie label Rise Above to record an album for them, but after said label tried to get WARNING to don flared trousers and change their music and lyrics to suit a "Stoner" crowd, the band told Rise Above to Fuck off in no uncertain terms.

After touring with mainman PAT WALKER's cousin's RICH WALKER's band SOLSTICE, they opted to allie themselves to the newly created MISKATONIC label in 1997. The band waited until 1999 when they were sure that the standard of their songs were good enough, to record the much sought after debut "THE STRENGTH TO DREAM". Pat Walker put the band on ice for a few years in 2001, before ressurecting WARNING to take the Doom Shall Rise festival in 2005 by force with a crushing performance.