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Wargasm - Biography



WARGASM was first formed in 1982 under the name OVERKILL. OVERKILL was a four piece band featuring Rich Spillberg on guitar, Barry Spillberg on drums, Peter Schiffer on bass and Bob Mayo on guitar. In 1985, OVERKILL changed their name to MANIAC. Bob switched from guitar to bass and they became a three piece band. In 1985, MANIAC released a demo, called "Rainbows, Kittens, Flowers and Puppies".

This was five song demo. MANIAC played several shows throughout New England. By 1986, they had again changed their name to WARGASM. Under this new name they recorded another demo called, "Satan Stole my Lunch Money". This demo landed them their first record deal. Then soon followed the album, "Why Play Around" on PROFILE records in 1988. Due to personnel changes within their labels management, the album never got the promotion it deserved. The album with no label support hit Number 4 on the CMJ Charts along with heavyweights like METALLICA, ANTHRAX and OZZY. In 1989, the band went on a mini-tour with New York's CRO-MAGS. The band recorded another demo in 1989, titled "Your Dogs Teeth". This demo was primarily recorded to shopped to perspective record labels. However it somehow managed to wind up in the underground tape trading network and landed on METAL FORCES Magazines top 10 demo charts.

In 1990, the band put out another demo called, "Spirits in Decay". This eight song demo was passed around at the "FOUNDATIONS FORUM" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where WARGASM also had a showcase gig. 1990 also saw the band crossing over to Europe on short tour with BIOHAZARD. In 1991, the band put out yet another demo called, "Gasm It". This demo was publicly released. The band again, went to Europe with their friends in BIOHAZARD in 1991. In 1992, another demo was recorded this one called "Enemy Mine". Also, in 1992 the band signed to MASSACRE Records and by 1993 released it's second album called, "Ugly". This album featured songs from the previous four demos and a few new ones. There was a short tour with thrashers, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and also a stop at the "MILWAUKEE METAL FEST", which was headlined by SLAYER and BIOHAZARD. 1993 saw the band again going overseas. This time on a bill with primarily death metal bands. The bands included AGGRESSOR, ILL DISPOSE, ATHEIST and OBITUARY.

The band released an EP called "Fireball" in 1994 A DEEP PURPLE cover song was put on there as was a edited version of the song, "Dreadnaught Day". This song was the video edit version (The original being on "Ugly") for the promotional video they had filmed. The EP was rounded out by songs recorded live on a local Boston college radio show. Following the release of "Fireball", the band again went overseas to tour with TANKARD. This tour did so well for the band, that their label MASSACRE asked if they'd relocate to Germany! Of course the band did not, as it was not feasible for them. Right after the tour, the band was contract obligated by their label to present them with a new album. The band recorded their third album, "Suicide Notes" which was originally to be called, "What are you Afraid of"? But due to all the past label problems, the band decided to make this their last album and informed their label that they have broken up.

WARGASM were released from their contract with "MASSACRE" Records. "Suicide Notes" was finally released by TRANSMISSION Records based out of Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1995, prior to the release of the ¡Suicide Notes" album the band put on two final shows on February 11, 1995 and February 12, 1995 at Boston's legendary Rathskeller Rock Club.,and like that, they were gone,or were they?

In 2000, TRANSMISSION Records released a MCD called "Jingle Hell... Little Drummer Boy". Which featured, songs from "Suicide Notes" and some demo songs that were originally released on the Japanese version of "Suicide Notes"

But were not released in Europe or America. In 2004, the band reunited for one more show, a benefit which was recorded for an upcoming cd / dvd release