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Callisto - Biography




Callisto began their musical exploration in 2001 inspired by such post-hardcore bands as Neurosis and Breach. In mere eight years they have progressed far past any genre boundaries, from the godly racket of their early days and their first album True Nature Unfolds to the dark cinematic sophistication of Noir and ultimately to their adventurous masterpiece Providence, now released. The most striking change in Callisto's sound is the new singer Jani Ala-Hukkala, whose varied vocal styles mark a departure from the band's earlier style. The original vocalist Markus Myllykangas has not quit the band, but will instead concentrate on his guitar playing duties from now on.

Never interested in repeating themselves, Callisto have taken a bold step away from their earlier, more instrumental material and composed a vocal record. The songs on Providence are built upon layers of melodies, but this is not pop music. The band colour their sound with mellotrons, prog rock overtones, some jazzy bits and other stylish influences drawn from the seventies, and wrap everything up with vocals that range from screams of anguish to peaceful melodies and beyond. Those who have adored Callisto's past works will still find a lot to digest in these majestic compositions, and also those into progressive heavyweights such as King Crimson, Landberk or Opeth are in for a real treat.