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Los Random - Biography




Random appears in 2006, when Pablo and Raul get together to make some noise. The other musicians changed several times, until Marcos joined the band. That's when Random was really born, in 2009.

Just in time, a partner of Raul at the Psychology's University accepted the challenge and decided to give Random a chance. So Marcos started playing with the band and a mutual musical understanding and innovative expression took form. After several rehearsals and a few concerts, Random released their first EP Prrimo, The in 2009.

Two years later, they finally made official the release of their first full lenght album called Todo.s Los Colores Del. which is free to download from their official website and myspace.

In late 2011 their first album has already reached more than seven thousand downloads from all over the world, and it has been reviewed at many great sites, magazines and webzines.

Random play a very eclectic style of progressive metal blending influences from as different acts as Tool, Meshuggah, King Crimson, Between The Buried And Me, Mastodon and they are highly recommended to fans of adventurous, eclectic, innovative and progressive extreme metal.

(Source: ReverbNation, 9.2.2015)