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Fission was formed in 2002 by Benny Hägglund. His goal was to release material that molded melody and aggression into energetic compositions; at times simplistic and at others intricate. When Hägglund, who also serves as the live session drummer for Vintersorg, began to write material for what was to become Crater, he felt compelled to seek the support of Vintersorg (Andreas Hedlund). Hägglund wrote some songs to which Vintersorg simply added the vocal lines. Though their creative output was still in its experimental phase of recording demos, both felt very confident about the prospect of recording an album, and knew that the end result would be a well focused, energetic, and precise release.

The two-track demo soon made its way to a limited number of record companies, including Vintersorg's label, Napalm Records. Following a period of brief negotiation, Fission signed on with the Austrian indy label.

The band was now very eager to complete the writing phase and move on to recording the new material. Hägglund wasted no time, working on the framework of the songs, while Vintersorg provided the lyrics, vocals, keyboards, and FX.

The actual recording of Crater was completed in several sessions. The drums were recorded in Ballerina Audio AB. All other tracks (keyboard, guitar, bass, and FX) were laid at the band members' personal studios, Drt. RiBBon and Wave Studios. The vocals were then recorded at a local Studio (Black Lodge). Except the drum tracks (engineered by Nils Johansson at Ballerina), Fission recorded all the takes themselves, and also personally mixed the album at Drt. RiBBon Studios. The goal was to achieve the right sound, "a special sound that differentiates itself from the standard sound produced at more well known facilities".

The sonic experiments present on Fission's debut, Crater, prove that it is possible to create "in-your-face" metal containing sophisticated passages and transitions and build a diverse identity. Both members will continue to share this vision, which combines their own brand of melodic thrash metal with new perspectives and personal coloring.

The second album entitled Pain Parade was released in 2008 through Aphotic Records.