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The Danish tech metal band, The Interbeing, originated back in 2001 when vocalist Dara Toibin, guitarist Torben Pedersen and bassist Jacob Aa. Hansen shared a vision to develop an innovative soundscape influenced by several musical genres. However, it was not until 2006 that the musical profile became evident. During 2006 the band expanded by including guitarist Boas Segel, who besides being a competent guitarist also had a talent for creating electronic sounds. The expansion also included drummer Kristoffer Egefelt, whose superior technical skills cemented The Interbeing's very own place in the world of metal. The result was The Interbeing's "own hybrid niche which they exert on the demo Perceptual Confusion (2008) with such a conviction that one should not believe that this was their first release."

Shortly after the demo release The Interbeing received a nomination for the 'Talent of the Year' award at the Danish Metal Awards 2008, and for 'Band of the Week' on In 2010 the prospering Danish band made its mark on the metal scene by winning the award for 'Best Metal Act' at the Underground Music Awards, and the Royal Metal Grand Prix with exceptional praise from the judges: "The band delivered a performance that was timed and organized from start to finish. It was a professional show, that wasn't too orchestrated or boring. The whole band had a perfect coordination on stage, and their frontman had the crowd in a tight iron grip throughout the show. The feel was really cool and gloomy. The band is technically superior, the songwriting is top notch, and the style is a kind of modern-futuristic metal. In short - an insane burst of power!"

The debut album Edge Of The Obscure clearly underlines The Interbeing to be a well-defined and visionary band. The record is the result of three years of songwriting and a lengthy recording process. In a true DIY manner the band invested in the best studio equipment and began the album recordings in the beginning of 2010. The drums were recorded at Hansen Studios with producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Mercenary, The Storm, Hatesphere, etc.), who also took care of the mixing and mastering.

Sonically The Interbeing combines the heavy sound of Scandinavian metal with the gloomy atmosphere of electronic genres. Tight, aggressive, melodic and atmospheric are the key concepts in their sound. The band's sources of inspiration range from Meshuggah's polyrhythmic and syncopated riffs to the melodic aspects of Soilwork, and the bleak electronic soundscapes you find in music such as Massive Attack and Amon Tobin. Lastly the outcome resembles a sort of industrial metal in the style of Fear Factory. The sound co-exists with the lyrics which revolve around a fictional inner being. The listener follows this creature through dystopian and distinct worlds and the record ends with the creature reaching the edge. The Interbeing has created an intensive and hard-hitting album with Edge Of The Obscure which definitely deserves a spot in your music collection.