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Anthrax - Trivia

In an interview from April 2017, Jonathan Donais said that his band Shadows Fall was coming to an end due to familial obligations and lack of funds, so he listed that as one of the circumstances that led to him joining Anthrax.
Scott Ian made a short cameo appearance in the 2003 film Run Ronnie Run.
Scott Ian played in a Kiss tribute band from VH1 alongside Ace Frehley, Rob Zombie, Slash, Tommy Lee and Gilby Clark
During the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, rumors of the band changing their name started to surface. However, at the New York Steel 9/11 benefit concert in November 2001, the musicians appeared onstage wearing white boiler suits, each member having one word written on them..."WE'RE NOT CHANGING OUR NAME."
Guitarist Scott Ian's wife, Pearl Aday, is the daughter of singer/actor Meat Loaf.
In 1992, Anthrax were guests in season 6, episode 18 of the sitcom "Married... With Children". They lip-synched to "In My World" from 'Persistence of Time'.
Anthrax starred in a February 1992 episode of "Married... with Children" entitled "My Dinner With Anthrax".
Guitarist Dan Spitz left Anthrax in 1995 to become a Swiss-trained Master Watchmaker (see
It is well known that the band has a fascination for sport clothing, particularly bermudas. Scott Ian got married with a t-shirt, bermudas and trainers in a religious wedding (at least there was a priest officiant).
Singer Joey Belladonna has Indian roots. The song "Indians" from Among the Living is a great hymn talking about the abuses committed against his race by white people.
Scott Ian has studied medicine. The name of the band (a type of disease that affects cows and sheep and is transmissable to humans) comes from his knowledge of medicine.