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Negură Bunget - Trivia

Negură Bunget started its Black Metal presence back in 1995, as a duo, with Hupogrammos Disciple's on vocals, guitars and keyboards and Negru on drums.
After a disagreement between Sol Faur, Hupogrammos and Negru, the band decided to split-up. Contradicting the agreement, Negru decided to continue the project with a new line-up. So Hupogrammos Disciple's and Sol Faur have started a new project called Dordeduh.
The lyrics are written in the ancient Romanian language, although sometimes the band uses more up-to-date Romanian in their songs.
Hupogrammos Disciple's and Negru also played in a progressive doom/death metal band called Makrothumia, formed in 1994.
On 'N Crugu Bradului, each song represents a season. The album title translates to 'Through the Depths of the Fir Tree Heights'
The band's name was initially Wiccan Rede, but later changed to Negură Bunget, meaning 'foggy/dismal forest/woods'.