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Falkenbach - Streaming New Song

The wait for Asa, folk metallers Falkenbach's new album, is almost over. Come November 1st, the opus will be released through Prophecy Productions. So, the time is right to share new music and today you can listen to "Stikke Wound", a brand new song set to appear on the successor to Tiurida (2011). The song is currently streaming at this location.


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Falkenbach - Release Lyric Video For New Single

At the end of April 2013, Falkenbach released a vinyl edition limited to 500 copies of their brand new single Eweroun in anticipation of their new sixth album Åsa which follows Tiurida released in 2011. Today the band shares a lyric video for the new song "Eweroun" which you can stream and enjoy below.


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Falkenbach - Sign With Prophecy Productions

Official press release

When talking about the origins of heathen Metal from Germany, one name invariably is mentioned: Falkenbach. Going for over twenty years, this project by Vratyas Vakyas is considered as a trailblazer and prime mover of a musical style that perfectly combines epic heroism and Germanic mythology, Norse-tinged folklore and metallic aggression - and all that far beyond the well-worn clichés of the so-called "Pagan Metal scene."


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Falkenbach - Tribute To Be Released

A tribute to Falkenbach is going to be released this 31 of December 2006 via Skaldic Art. It will be limited to 300 copies. The tribute will be a double cd and it will consist of:

Anakron - Baldurs Tod
Armageddon Architect - Homeward Shore
Bewitched - The ardent awaited land
Bombensturm - Walkiesjar
Diamond Eyed Princess - Aduatuza
Eluveitie - Vanadis
Folkearth - Heathenpride
Forgotten Daylight - Winternight
Geist - Laeknishendr
Hildr Valkyrie - The Heralder
Hordak - When Gjallarhorn will sound?
Karna - Ultima Thule
Morgan The Bard - Galdralag
Racheengel - Into the ardent awaited land?
Rilauven - Roman Land
Theudho - Where blood will soon be shed
Vinterriket - Walhall

Source: - Skaldic Art Productions Newsletter -
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Falkenbach - New Sample Online

A Sampler of the song "Heralder", from the upcoming album "Heralding The Fireblade" is posted on the Napalm Records site.

You can check the song here:

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Falkenbach - CD Release date set

As posted in their record company's news section:

FALKENBACH returns to NAPALM RECS with another milestone in Viking Metal! Heralding the Fireblade is in its post production stages and will be released on 25 Nov. as a limited digipack edition including bonus track, and as a regular jewel case version.

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Falkenbach - Set The Title For Upcoming Album

The upcoming album by Falkenbach will be entitled "Heralding - The Fireblade", the album that was recorded before under the name "En Their Medh Riki Fara" was going to be the Falkenbach debut but "due to the bad equipment and a lack of competence of the engineer the recording was stopped and the songs were not completed", some of the songs are featured "on other Falkenbach albums, like "Laeknishendr" or "Homeward Shore" for example, but most of them are unreleased so far, like "?En Their Medh Riki Fara?"or " Of Forests unknown"."

"At the moment it´s not sure if all the songs will make it on the album in the end, but you can expect a running time of about 40-50 minutes. The final recording and mixing will start at the end of July, the day of release has not been announced by Napalm Rec. yet."

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Falkenbach - Working On A New Material

Icelandic/German one man band Falkenbach reports on his official website that he is working on a new material and going to enter the Tdalwave Studio soon to record his 4th album. The recordings and mixing should be completed between march and april 2005. More details and information about the new album will follow within upcoming weeks on

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Falkenbach - Limited Tribute Album By The Fans

"The webmaster of both Skaldic Art and Falkenbach is planning to make a very limited tribute album to Falkenbach by the fans. If you, a friend or band that you know ever recorded a cover version of Falkenbach, then please do not hesitate to contact us.
More information can be found on Cellulanus Semivivus, or send a mail to the webmaster.



For more info, check out the following:
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