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Clandestine Cuts Vol. 2, #3 - New music from Autolatry, As Fate Paves Ruin, Collider, TamutAmen, and more!

Written by: Susan, X-Ray Rod, Troy Killjoy, Milena, wormdrink414, R'Vannith
Published: 09.04.2012

Clandestine Cuts Volume 2, Issue #3
The Metal Storm Demo/EP Spotlight

Seriously, who doesn't love demos? The uncool kids, that's who. You, clearly, are part of the in-crowd since you're here listening to awesome new metal each month. You're so in the know. Chicks dig that.

January 31, 2013: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you for your votes; find the winners in the Metal Storm Awards 2012 category Clandestine Cut Of The Year and chose your favorite.

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TamutAmen - TamutAmen

Hey guys remember the Israeli Whorecore? No? Okay, for starters, they won the grindcore staff pick back in the Metal Storm Awards 2006 with their (awesomely violent) debut. Now their guitarist Nir forms TamutAmen, keeping some of the brutality of his older band yet adding a couple of more elements to the overall sound. So what's the deal here? A very tight and professional-sounding 10-minute session of deathgrind riff-fest together with cool drumming and a constant groove/rocking feeling. The riffs end up being their strongest point. TamutAmen is squishing as many riffs and leads as they can into short and catchy songs with varied tempos. Now let's wait for a full-length to see if they have what it takes to get the same achievements its brother-band got six years ago. Judging by this demo, they are on the right path!

by Mr. Doctor

Autolatry - Of The Land EP

Of The Land is one of those black metal releases brimming with energy and aggression, but also one that fills your head with riff orgies and a heavy atmosphere. These Americans are more than comfortable with what they do and the message is delivered with precision and expertise. The highly technical musicianship does a perfect job battling with vocalist Karl Chamberlain, who bears a slight resemblance to fellow countryman Mick Barr (of Krallice fame). If you want bits of progression and melody in your folk-themed black metal, look no further than Autolatry.

by Troy Killjoy

MG & The Juggernaut - The Dream EP

An interesting four-piece from the UK, MG & The Juggernaut play some darkened variant of alternative rock (think something like Placebo, but with a faint grunge vibe) and it just kills. On The Dream EP, the band offers a package of highly catchy and atmospheric music with a metallic edge, topped off by two vocalists that know how to spice things up. Do check out when in the mood for angst.

by Milena

Schematics for Gravity - Schematics for Gravity

I've been out of touch with the current post-metal scene because the extra-factor isn't there and most things don't get memorable to me anymore. There are a couple of recent exceptions though? Schematics For Gravity from Sweden is one of them. If you are familiar with post-metal, you've heard similar music before but not always with this tightness, authenticity and emotion. I really can't put enough emphasis on the emotional factor? While passages like the intros of the first and third track are beautifully inspiring, once the distortion settles in, the band displays a strong sense of desperation with crushing riffs, relentless drums but mostly due to the vocals. The band did well in not using clean vocals at all because the harsh and hardcore-like screams are so expressive and even abrasive in their performance, complementing the music so well there isn't another way it could have been done. Really promising!

by Mr. Doctor

As Fate Paves Ruin - As Fate Paves Ruin EP

They call themselves "7-string melodic djent doom metal" and, yeah, I could hear all of those influences. As with many well-done hybrids, though, this excellent 3-song EP avoids sounding like any of those genres specifically. This music is pretty driving and has nice rhythms; it's gritty at times yet tender as dark doom should be. The songs are full of build-ups and atmosphere, as well as a few sweet solos. This is melodic metal yet the vocals are predominantly growls and it just fits. Guitar player Stephanie Pickard assists with some clean backing vocals but don't make too many Draconian comparisons: she sings rarely and just at very appropriate times. What makes this band feel special is the warmth Stephanie brings to her guitar playing, killer solos included. All in all, this is really addictive stuff; I'm definitely following these guys and you should, too.

by Susan

Horse Drawn Death Machine - Horse Drawn Death Machine

This is bit like what you'd expect to hear if Orange Goblin piled into a carriage with some post-hardcore group, devised some rudimentary generator to plug their amps and axes into, loaded and smoked a bowl of thrash, then started whipping the horses carrying them into some kind of horrible screeching fit. Sounds awesome, I know. And most of it is--tortured equestrian vox aside. The riffs, in particular, are fucking top notch.

by wormdrink414

Collider - Collider EP

Here is a quick yet wholesome bite of some damn well played sludge for you. Collider's self titled EP lasts only 15 minutes but each of those minutes would be well invested. This is the kind of sludge that is streamline and doesn't really deviate from its focus. Not overly showy, not laden with intricacies its pretty simple and each of the three tracks flow smoothly and surely, gradually building upon themselves in their short span. They start as heavy reverberations inside the mind and develop into quite impressive crescendos, the first track Tundra being the best example. Therein lies their strength, and it would truly be something to behold if they managed to make such last for more extended doses of sludgey goodness.

by R'Vannith

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01.02.2013 - 16:46
Metal Addict
Written by X-Ray Rod on 01.02.2013 at 16:42

Well, they got in the CC Awards anyways! Fantastic stuff and I'm very glad people liked it!

Thanks for the recommendation.
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