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Ensiferum interview (10/2004)

With: Markus Toivonen - Guitar, Percussion
Conducted by: Azhidahak
Published: 14.10.2004

Band profile:


Could you please introduce your band to our readers?

The band contains four permanent members and one which we are not sure yet will he stay in the band as a permanent member. Markus Toivonen: guitars, Oliver Fokin: drums, Jukka-Pekka Miettinen: bass, Meiju Enho: keyboards, (Petri Lindroos: vocals and guitars). We like to call our music style Heroic Folk Metal if it says anything to anyone.

What's the main difference between your last album "Iron" and your previous release "Ensiferum"?

"Iron" contains more folk elements and the heavy songs and the ballads are now more separated, not that much this mid tempo stuff.

There are also some female vocals on your album "Iron" (on the last track "tears"). Who is she? Please tell us more about her.

The woman's name is Kaisa Saari. She is from a very good finnish folk band called Tarujen Saari. I like their music very much and therefore I asked them to participate the recording of our album.

How do you compose your songs?

Usually when I'm watching some boring TV shows. Sometimes I get inspiration by watching a good movie or when I'm training guitar techniques.

Some of the vocals on your last album "Iron" reminds me of the typical vocals from NWOBHM bands, is it just me or?

You might be right for we are very big fans of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The song "Sword Chant" has these NWOBHM kind of vocals and I think that is the main thing that leads the vocals to that scene.

You've had some negotiations with Petri Lindroos [Norther] to become your official member. So how is it going? Is he positive or negative?

Both sides have been very positive about Petri's job, but we still have to wait and see that has he got time for two bands and will he fit to the studio working with us, although he is very good during live shows.

What are your future tour plans? Will there be any American tour?

There will be American tour of course if someone would give us a good offer, but I doubt that it would work because we are in so early stage conquering the U.S and how could we get there with our swords held up high, hehehe.

Is there any band you had always wanted to tour with?

It's been pleasure doing tour and some gigs with Finntroll and well hope to do some more in the future, because they are funny as hell.

Finntroll is probably one of the most popular folk-metal bands from Finland nowadays. What is your opinion about this band? Any other good Finish folk-metal band you know?

As I just mentioned they are very great guys and the music style of theirs is very unique. Other good bands are for instance Moonsorrow and Turisas is very massive and pompous live band.

Which band was the first band that made you interested in folk-metal?

We created our own style and I believe we were at the time the only folk metal band in Finland, but if I have to mention some bands that have had influence on us then they might be Amorphis, Dark Tranquillity and folk metal project Storm. Old traditional music also have had a big influence on us.

Which are the 5 best non-metal, pure folk albums in your opinion?

I don't like folk albums as a whole albums, there is more like one or two good songs on the albums, but albums that are good as on the whole are all Tarujen Saari albums: "Helmiä ja Kuparikolikoita", "Hepsankeikka", "Levoton Hauta" and "Sota Kirottu!" I also would recommend everybody to get to know to band called Folque, but the albums of this band are very hard to get!

What other genres/bands are you mostly interested in?

I like some good rock- and pop bands: AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses, The Cranberries…

Your last words are?

Folk on!

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