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Lacuna Coil interview (10/2022)

With: Andrea Ferro
Conducted by: RaduP (skype)
Published: 08.10.2022

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Lacuna Coil

Even though I'm not as big of a Lacuna Coil fan as I was in my teens, the upcoming reworking of the Comalies album as Comalies XX for its twentieth anniversary did make me curious about the entire creative process of the band. So here I was, asking vocalist Andrea Ferro how it felt revisiting the album, how the Italian scene was back when Lacuna Coil started out, and I pre-emptively apologize for forgetting to ask him whether pineapple belongs on pizza.

Posted on 08.10.2022 by Doesn't matter that much to me if you agree with me, as long as you checked the album out.


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09.10.2022 - 14:07
Dark Phoenix
Nice interview! What I've heard from Comalies XX does not impress me much; maybe because I love Comalies & not so much the sound LC for the past couple of albums, so I'm not really keen on the idea of having a "new Comalies". But still, Andrea seems like a cool guy, the questions were good, haven't listened to an interview for a while with such pleasure
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