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Undercover Slut - Amerikkka Macht Frei review


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Band: Undercover Slut
Album: Amerikkka Macht Frei
Release date: 2008

01. Intox
02. Shadow Song
03. Anna Nicole Smith
04. White Whore Conspiracy
05. What Kinda Lamb Do Ya Think I Am?
06. Dear Dead Prez
07. Black CNN
08. Kastration Kar Krashes
09. Dali Was A Junkie
10. Killing An Arab [The Cure cover] [2010 re-release bonus]
11. Creature Feature
12. Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!
13. Detox

For all I know, Undercover Slut don't like to be compared to Marilyn Manson. Damn.
I'll have to use this reference point anyway, as it'll be clearer for everybody and, well, they do have more than a passing similarity to 'that' guy, with their industrial rock and trash glam look. Yeah, looking at them one wouldn't guess they're French? But they do indeed come from the Land of Froggies.
And they are no newcomers either, as the band formed in 1995 (!) and this Amerikkka Macht Frei is their second album, after Communism Is Facism and a plethora of EPs? Originally released in 2008, it is re-released in 2010 by Deadlight Entertainment.

The songs are quite classical for the style, with harsh, aggressive vocals, robotic ryhtmics, electronic effects and the like. And quite a nod to The Prodigy, too (the 'Smack My Bitch Up' line of "Black CNN"). As far as metalheads are concerned, "Kastration Kar Krashes" is probably the best song of the album. Not only does it sound more, well, metal, but it is more catchy than the rest. And it even features a guitar solo (courtesy of Eric Griffin from Murderdolls & Wednesday 13).

The lyrics obviously have some political meanings, with somewhat virulent, but also often vague, critics of democracy, political wars and stuff ("Black CNN"; "Dear Dead Prez" could fit for anyone, but our actual French president is a better candidate than most). "Jesus Kills! Coroner Saves!", a duo with Matthew Roberts (Charles Manson's son, WTF?), is a long list of true, mundane, modern-day horrors like pedopornography and lapidation, just to make you remember in which shitty world we live in. Also, Undercover Slut have an uncanny talent to push the things according to Godwin's Law, which is quite normal given their provocative nature. But sadly it can work against the band's best efforts really. "O", the singer, is an outspoken advocate of animal rights - something I can only approve, personally - and he claims "to animals all people are Nazis". Sadly, this is patently untrue, as the nazi regime was the first one to promote modern animal rights.

So, as far as this industrial sub-scene is concerned, this Amerikkka Macht Frei is quite good. The average metalhead, however, will only hear 'another Marylin Manson', even if said Manson didn't release anything good for what, almost ten years now? And yes, I'm glad you asked, this album is far better than Manson's actual crappy releases.
That said, this style's shock value goes off pretty quickly - except, maybe, for some close-minded extremists here and there?
Not as shallow as it might seem, but certainly not the album of the year, either?

Written on 19.11.2010 by Once your regular Hellfest reporter, now retired. I (strangely enough) listen to a lot of metal. And enjoy good beers, comics, novels and role-playing games.


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