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Iron Maiden : Best To Worst

Created by: ?apleee | 19.02.2012

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20.02.2012 - 19:38

Glad to see the first seven albums at the top where they belong
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28.03.2012 - 19:37
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Pretty much the order i would've given it. I might switch Powerslave and SSOASS
01.07.2012 - 10:00
Ace Frawley
The Spaceman
Yep, agree with the others - the top seven are as they should be, maybe could quibble over their exact order, but they are all brilliant.
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01.07.2012 - 12:40
Account deleted
Agree with this order 100%
02.07.2012 - 08:39

I would say powerslave first,but bravo sir.
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19.08.2012 - 06:42
Thrash Talker
I do not completely agree with this, but its still pretty close. Though I wouldve put FOTD and NPFTD before ''Brave new world'' ''A Matter'' ''Final Frontier'' and ''Dance of Death'' clearly. its a matter of opinion anyways...
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19.08.2012 - 11:54
Heaven Knight
I would switch "Piece Of Mind" with "Somewhere In Time" and then put "Seventh Son" to the first place...and "Brave New World" would surpass both early ones with Paul in my list

but basically i d say you did the great job
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24.10.2013 - 07:19

I'd put Dance of death over Final frontier and A matter of life and death. Anyway, good choice for the rest of albums
17.06.2021 - 05:51
Nocturnal Bro
My list goes: 1. Somewhere in Time, 2. Powerslave, 3. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 4. Number of the Beast, 5. Piece of Mind

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