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So Called "meh" Albums I Love

I have totally stolen this idea from JoHn DoE who created a 'So Called "bad" Albums I Enjoy' list. I called it what I called it because it's a list of albums considered by many to be mediocre, so called 'meh', so called 'they're alright but let's not talk about them anymore' albums. I, on the other hand f****** love them mates so here it is.
They're in no particular order and the list will never be finished so I'll be adding albums to it in days, months and years to come(if Covid-19 doesn't kill me beforehand that is).

Created by: Archie 666 | 02.12.2020

1. Anthrax - Worship Music
2011 ('Worship Music' and 'For all Kings' are the only Anthrax albums I listen to)
2. Sepultura - Roots
1996 (yes, 'Chaos A.D.', this one, then the rest)
3. Paradise Lost - Symbol Of Life
2002 (one of probably like 5 albums I listened to the most)
4. Arch Enemy - Anthems Of Rebellion
2003 (no, I do not hate Arch Enemy(in case someone tries to give me shit for my recent comment about placing Carcass below AE on the poster for their upcoming Behemoth headlining tour)
5. Grip Inc. - Power Of Inner Strength
1995 (it's a very underrated album in my opinion)
6. Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks
2013 (I think it's fantastic, the songs, the production, the overall sound)
7. Bruce Dickinson - Balls To Picasso
1994 (don't know what's wrong with people)
8. God Seed - I Begin
2012 (I really like it but what can you do, not in the majority here)
9. Megadeth - Cryptic Writings
1997 (I know it's a bit cheesy but I love it and that's that)
10. Metallica - Load
1996 (I know I'm not the only one here to like it a lot(apart from Metallica fans obviously)
11. Metallica - Re-Load
1997 (yes, I like this one too)
12. Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
2019 (shut up)
13. Ensiferum - Unsung Heroes
2012 (it's a very good album and I will fight everyone who says otherwise)
14. Iron Maiden - The X Factor
1995 (I have nothing to say in my defence)

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02.12.2020 - 01:44
I adored Worship Music when it came out and it was easily my favorite Anthrax album for a while. It still might be, to be honest, because as good as Spreading the Disease, Among the Living, and Persistence of Time are at their heights, I've never felt that they managed a fully consistent album until Worship Music and For All Kings, which have great songs and great production and are a lot of fun. My opinion of Worship Music has cooled a bit since its release and I don't listen to it as much, but I fully agree that it is worthy of praise.

I only listened to Unsung Heroes once in full, but I found nothing about it offensive. I'm probably closer to the majority opinion on that one because I would hardly say that I "love" it (I'm also no serious Ensiferum fan anyway, which might work to my advantage here), but I do think it's a good album that suffers somewhat unfairly, much as I can appreciate how fans could find it underwhelming.

I'm not a diehard Opeth fan either, so while I'd say that their classic albums are far superior in quality to In Cauda Venenum, I probably wind up listening to them all about the same amount anyway. In Cauda Venenum was good, and while I wouldn't say that any of the last four have moved me to the same extent that Watershed and Still Life did, for example, I still enjoy them and I never loved Opeth enough to be affronted by the change in direction.

Roots I just find boring aside from a few specific tracks (and "Roots Bloody Roots" itself is a legendary track).
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02.12.2020 - 10:17
JoHn DoE

I did not know some of these albums were "meh" like Balls to Picasso (which I listened on cassette when it was released ), Worship Music (I thought it was a good comeback). Some others are good albums like Cryptic Writings, Re-Load, X Factor, In Cauda Venenum, Symbol of Life.
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