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1914 - Where Fear And Weapons Meet

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Release date: 22 October 2021
Style: Death doom metal, Blackened death metal


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01. War In
02. FN .380 ACP#19074
03. Vimy Ridge (In Memory Of Filip Konowal)
04. Pillars Of Fire (The Battle Of Messines)
05. Don't Tread On Me (Harlem Hellfighters)
06. Coward [feat. Sasha Boole]
07. ...And A Cross Now Marks His Place [feat. Nick Holmes]
08. Corps D'Autos-Canons-Mitrailleuses (A.C.M)
09. Mit Gott Für König Und Vaterland
10. The Green Fields Of France (No Man's Land) [Eric Bogle cover]
11. War Out

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When you’re a heavily World War I-themed band, it’s hard to top releasing a record on the centenary anniversary of the Armistice. Thankfully, even after the gimmick has peaked, 1914 have more left in the locker musically.

published 22.10.2021 | Comments (5)

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20.08.2021 - 11:37

Super psyched to hear this. New vinyl packages are available to pre-order and look beautiful.
17.09.2021 - 15:33
Rating: 9

Can't wait for this release the single is really good if it follow trench of the 2 last album it gonna be a killer record!
21.10.2021 - 21:40

This is perfect.
22.10.2021 - 15:35
Rufus Valentine
Account deleted
What a surprise to hear the Eric Bogle cover version on this. Every Celtic folk fan loves this tragic anti-war anthem - I can't be the only one completely amazed by its inclusion!

Regarding the album - it's only my first listen, but what I heard I enjoyed a lot. This is going straight back on.

- Just learnt that Dropkick Murphys also covered 'The Green Fields of France' - didn't even know about that. Wonder if that's where 1914 heard it first....
23.10.2021 - 12:13
Rating: 7
Enemy of Reality

While there are a few killer tracks in here, i think the album runs a bit too long and some songs could easily to cut down to 5 minutes. I appreciate the dynamics, where songs like Coward, Corps D'Autos-Canons-Mitrailleuses (A.C.M) and Don't Tread On Me (Harlem Hellfighters) all live in the same universe and complement each other so well. ...And A Cross Now Marks His Place sounds a bit like Marduk's La Grande Danse Macabre and Corps D'Autos-Canons-Mitrailleuses (A.C.M) sounds like Dimmu Borgir circa Death Cult Armageddon. Enjoyed this thing, it's better than their previous albums and i'll be on the lookout for future material.
Looks like rain
23.10.2021 - 15:40

Sounds like if Bolt Thrower decided to do black metal! I like the different perspectives (and languages) that are portrayed during the Great War
25.10.2021 - 06:09
Rating: 6
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Sounds too pretty for my liking. Agree that it sounds like Black metal Bolt Thrower at times.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
25.10.2021 - 08:15
Rating: 6
Grouch Douglas
Way too much filler. They sure butchered The Green Fields Of France as well. I thought I would like this. Oh well.
25.10.2021 - 11:52
Rating: 6

I think this one is too generic, Nothing here to bring me back to it.
Heavy Metal is the law that keeps us all united free
A law that shatters earth and hell
26.10.2021 - 08:23
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
In genre find new sounds are hard, but new lyrics and themes to sing about is cliché to success. Sabaton has few WWI songs, Skyforger has one WWI album, but band what sings about WWI is rare. This is key factor to success and band is here and pretty good rankings for Ukraina band.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
30.10.2021 - 21:29
Rating: 8

FN .380 ACP#19074 is a killer song. Other songs are fine too. A good album overall
08.11.2021 - 11:41

Nisam ocekivao ovaj uvod albuma.

The intro is the old Serbian folk song from 1st world war "Tamo Daleko" [There, Far Away], that was sung after Serb army was forced to walk across Albanian mountains all the way to Greece, loosing thousands in the process, and finally recuperating at Greek island of Corfu where 5 thousand of them died and were burred at sea. The remaining soldiers returned to the front and fought its way to victory and freeing of Serbia.
His is a name the world will never forget... He is Dargor!
03.12.2021 - 11:28
Rating: 8
In Bone Factory

Bolt Thrower + Sodom. I like that.
The End Is Nigh ...

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