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Gamma Ray - No World Order

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Release date: 10 September 2001
Style: Power metal


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01. Induction
02. Dethrone Tyranny
03. The Heart Of The Unicorn
04. Heaven Or Hell
05. New World Order
06. Damn The Machine
07. Solid
08. Fire Below
09. Follow Me
10. Eagle
11. Lake Of Tears
12. Trouble [Japanese bonus]

Kai Hansen - vocals, guitars
Henjo Richter - guitars, keyboards
Dirk Schlächter - bass
Daniel Zimmermann - drums

Additional info
Recorded & mixed at Hansen Studio, Hamburg.
Produced & engineered by Dirk Schlächter & Kai Hansen.
Co-produced by GammaRay.
Cover painting by Herve Monjeaud.
Digital artwork & booklet-design by Henjo Richter.

Guest review by
I must say it is very difficult to write a review for this album - listening to it takes my mind off the task of writing the review. No World Order came out in 2001 and was projected to have a high success especially after the grand zenith Powerplant achieved in 1999 by selling more than 200 000 records worldwide. The group line-up has remained the same (after a series of unstable changes in the 90s) for this album, and let's hope it has finally stabilized for good. No World Order is a conceptual album about freedom; it is rich in solos, catchy riffs and powerful choruses, and of course has the hallmark of quality of every German power metal band.

published 02.04.2004 | Comments (19)

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03.02.2012 - 02:12
Rating: 7

Their weakest album for me so far, though even this album has some powerful songs on here. Just not 'that' many.
23.05.2012 - 05:56

Written by musicalkaratekid on 03.02.2012 at 02:12

Their weakest album for me so far, though even this album has some powerful songs on here. Just not 'that' many.

Fully agree!
09.11.2013 - 19:31
Rating: 9

Exactly the opposite opinion...
06.07.2015 - 18:03
Rating: 9

From beginning to end, this album is awesome. They have written better albums musically, but this one just has a sense to it that makes it so fun to listen to. And it sure is damn catchy.
15.01.2020 - 11:18
Rating: 8
Jope Steele
The album would easily have the right materials for a minor masterpiece album if there was, let's say, two to three weakest songs removed (IMO, at least Damn The Machine and Fire Below can go). Dethrone Tyranny, The Heart Of The Unicorn, Heaven Or Hell and Eagle are what I prefer to the other songs, which means to me, that the album begins waaaaay better than it ends. I'd easily put the album on the "better Gamma Ray albums" category than "the worse".

After a quick inspection of the lyrics many of the songs seem to be related to this anti-NWO concept -- an important message, which doubtfully will reach huge masses through heavy metal or Gamma Ray, though -- yet it doesn't seem like a full concept album.
A Call for New 'Revolutionaries'
A Call for Parallel Institutions]Vw3tUXdLu2Y

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