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Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs

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Release date: 8 December 2017
Style: Avantgarde metal, Symphonic metal


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01. Knucklehugs - Arm Yourself With Love
02. The Age Of Vulture Culture
03. Superhero Jagannath
04. Vision Of The Purblind
05. Lady Clandestine Chainbreaker
06. Jigsaw Hustle
07. Pulse Of The Incipient
08. Ode To The Innocent
09. Interruption
10. Cul-De-Sac Semantics
11. Karma Bonfire
12. Climbing The Eyewall
13. Porch Of Perception

Kristin Evegård - vocals, piano
Pontus Mantefors - guitars, synthesizers, banjo, backing vocals
Daniel Håkansson - guitars, vocals
Daniel Hedin - trombone, backing vocals
Johannes Bergion - cello, backing vocals
Johan Norbäck - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Martin Isaksson - trumpet, backing vocals
Anders Johansson (II) - bass, backing vocals

Additional musicians:
Diana Lewtak - violin
Yuki Tashiro - violin
Max Wulfson - violin
Nathalie Bertilsson - viola
Viktor Turegård - double bass
Paloma Pinto Viloria - clarinet
Kristian Karlstedt - tuba
Michael Osbeck - percussion
Alexander Lövmark - backing vocals
Ellinor Bergion - backing vocals
Lotta Wilk - backing vocals

Additional info
Produced, engineered and mixed by Roberto Laghi. Co-produced by Pontus Mantefors.

Sebastian Kowoll - cover art

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17.10.2017 - 05:07

I'm still hopeful for this. Annlouice will be missed, and I wasn't impressed (but neither was I disappointed) with the new girl on the single they released forever ago from this album. Even if it turns out to be a downgrade in the female vocals department, I think the composition and musicianship can still make up for it. Here's hoping, anyway.
18.10.2017 - 11:15

Waiting for this more than I'm waiting for Christmas.
07.12.2017 - 13:53
Rating: 9

I totally get why some people will be pissed on this album, but if we put metal aside, this album is an amazing masterpiece. It has all of the DSO attribute and brings net colours too. The new singer is flawless. I always thought that DSO would fit this style singer perfectly.

A very very strong record, entertaining and fun record.
the riddle wants to be...
08.12.2017 - 01:24
Rating: 6
Meat and Potatos
I only started listening and had to do something so I got interrupted...
My impression is there's little to no metal on this one. Which is not necessarily bad... But also not necessarily good =p
Not sure what to make of the first impression though. I would say it has not impressed me very much so far
Growing up is the worst. I hope I never do it.
08.12.2017 - 19:41
Rating: 8
Nick Carter

Besides being Metal enough or not, It really has huge highlights (like Interruption OMG) but it also has some parts that are just "meh".
10.12.2017 - 18:45

From the moment I pressed play and the first song ended, I couldn't wait for the album to be over.
11.12.2017 - 19:01
Rating: 9
High Fist Prog
In year of disproportionately high number of disappointing albums, this was a pleasant surprise considering the line-up change! Easily their second best since their debut for me, or perhaps a tie with the previous release.
13.12.2017 - 07:50
Account deleted
The biggest letdown of the year
14.12.2017 - 22:20
Rating: 8

Some major grooves going on in this one. They've drilled inside my head and I can't get them out!
16.12.2017 - 05:03
Rating: 6

A bit disappointed. Not a bad album from a musical point of view, also it is less original than the previous one, but I really do not warm to the new singer, she has an awful voice.
19.12.2017 - 08:47
Account deleted
Please tell me this was a mixing error. They didn't really intend to release such a laughable racket, did they???
19.12.2017 - 23:35
Account deleted
Sadly, a mediocre record at best without a single track that would grab my attention.
21.12.2017 - 19:34
"The Quaker"
Started listening to it on YouTube (I know, f*ck me), musically I like what I hear so far, but the sound is so thin it's a bit hard to be engaged and I refuse to believe it was YouTube's fault all throughout. Is there really barely any low end? And as if it could've use a little more high end as well...
07.01.2018 - 01:28
Rating: 1

One track grabbed my attention it's called Lady Clandestine Chainbraker, but it's only 50% good... and after 2 listenings of the album except for that song it was all pretty meh.
10.01.2018 - 13:34
Rating: 7
At first I wasn't very 'into' this album, but after couple of shots it grew up in me.
16.01.2018 - 08:15

Yeah, I gotta give it a few more shots perhabs, but I was almost stopping the listen by the 6th song, I just couldn´t get into that first half. Now, from the 8th till the end is way different, that was exactly what I was looking on this new record. Interruption is a masterpiece.
04.10.2021 - 17:36
Rating: 1

For me this is the worst DSO album. Not even comparable with others... But the ne single from the upcoming album (Swagger...) sound very amazing I must say.
04.10.2021 - 17:37
Rating: 1

Written by infinitus on 10.12.2017 at 18:45

From the moment I pressed play and the first song ended, I couldn't wait for the album to be over.

Yes it's quite atrocious. The first song is one of the worst ones on it too in my opinion.
04.10.2021 - 17:38
Rating: 1

Written by Guest on 19.12.2017 at 23:35

Sadly, a mediocre record at best without a single track that would grab my attention.

There is just one track that I felt it was good on it, but sadly I can never remember its title
04.10.2021 - 22:33
Rating: 8

I like this album, but it sits in a frustrating area of being less than it could have been. "Superhero Jagganath" is one of the standout DSO songs to me and "Karma Bonfire" is one of the most fun, really highlighting what they can do with the group vocals. The issue for me is the amount of filler or incomplete tracks. I like the first song but it's more of an intro than anything, and when there are four additional tracks that aren't full songs (roughly 3-4 minutes total) or don't (to me) enhance the experience, it feels more like the band had a deadline to meet than gave the album its due. There's quality here but it's drowned out by the filler tracks. Shame, but it is what it is. Hopefully not a repeated formula for the next album.

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