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Vessel Of Iniquity

This band's profile is 'invisible', meaning that it's much less prominent on the site - either because it's incomplete, or maybe doesn't entirely fit MS format.

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Xenoglossy Productions

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2015

2015-Black metal
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2015-  S.P. White - all instruments, vocals

Latest reviews

At first, you'll hear shit all because all the intricacies of The Path Unseen are hidden behind a wall of overwhelming noise. Actually, at first you'll hear shit all because there's nothing to hear for four minutes except a wall of blast beats and a two-chord riff noise.
Review by Netzach ››
"Picture black metal, but with absolutely no discernible melody and the distortion ratcheted up to the highest levels of malfunctioning washing machine. Picture drone, but at a grindcore pace and made up of sounds you've only heard burst from the Ark of the Covenant to melt Nazi faces."
Review by RaduP ››

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