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Pa Vesh En

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Country: Belarus
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Links: SoundCloud

Formed in: 2016

2016-Black metal
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2016-  Pa Vesh En - all instruments, vocals

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Listen, I don't give a perfect score easily, but Martyrs is damn sure a worthy contender. This is black metal reimagined, repurposed and redesigned. Now, what is it that you love about black metal?
Review by Netzach ››
If you find yourself haunted by psychotic howling, dense bass noise and creepy melodies veiled behind a wall of deafening crash percussion, consider picking another dark, smoggy street to walk down before you’re pulled into an alley, never to return. Actually, chances are you’re just listening to Maniac Manifest, and all is well.
Review by Netzach ››
It should be inconceivable for a band to sound like this. That's illegal!
Review by RaduP ››

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