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Night Crowned

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Country: Sweden
Label: Noble Demon

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Formed in: 2016

2016-Melodic black metal
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2016-  Henric Liljesand - guitars, bass
2016-  Janne Jesper Jaloma - drums
2017-  Johan Eskilsson - guitars, vocals
2018-  Ken Romlin - vocals
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2016-2017  Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - vocals
2016-2018  Marcus Sunesson - guitars
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2018  Jonah Weingarten - keyboards
› 2020  -//-
2020  Jani Stefanovińá - keyboards
2021  Christian √Ąlvestam - vocals
2023  Jens Ryd√©n - vocals
2023  Ther√©se Thomsson - vocals

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Night Crowned is a new band that has emerged from the everbearing melodic black metal tree of Sweden. They have members of Cipher System and Dark Funeral in their ranks, so it comes as no surprise that seasoned musicians have created such cohesive and enjoyable albums in the form of Impius Viam in 2020 and Hädanfärd earlier this year.
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