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Also known as xDeadlockx

Country: Germany
Label: Napalm Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1997

1997-2011Melodic death metal
2007-Melodic metalcore
2011-Alternative metal


1997-  Sebastian Reichl - guitars
2009-2011  John Gahlert - bass
› 2011-  -//- vocals
2011-2013  Ferdinand Rewicki - bass
› 2013-  -//- guitars
2014-  Werner Riedl - drums
2015-  Christian Simmerl - bass
2016-  Margie Gerlitz - vocals
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1997-2011  Johannes Prem - vocals
1997-2014  Tobias Graf - drums
1998-2001  Hans-Georg Bartmann - bass
2000-2004  Thomas Gschwendner - guitars
2002-2006  Sabine Scherer - keyboards, vocals
› 2006-2016  -//- vocals
2002-2008  Thomas Huschka - bass
2004-2013  Gert Rymen - guitars
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2008  Christian Älvestam - vocals
2008  Morten Løwe Sørensen - drums

Latest reviews

Hybris makes a powerful opening statement with bludgeoning, thrashy riffs and invigorating screams, but as soon as Margie Gerlitz adds her clean vocals to the mix, all the momentum that Deadlock has succeeded in building up jumps right into the sea. Hybris doesn't close up shop for good after the awkward mess of Beauty & the Beast-style alt/metalcore that takes up the first four minutes, but the album suffers from many similar stops and starts that break the flow and make it difficult to appreciate the sensible decisions and well-written songs present here.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Ahh Deadlock? I still remember fondly the major part of their 2005 release Earth.Revolt. This album was full of great riffs, intricate melodies and moments of sheer genius. Unfortunately it was almost ruined by the female vocals of Sabine Weniger. She's...
Review by Deadsoulman ››
Deadlock... With such a name, I was expecting some random metalcore band sneaking in to take advantage of the hype created by the metal media. Once again (as always, should I say), I couldn't have been farther from truth. Metalcore it is not at all....
Review by Deadsoulman ››

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