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The Nest

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Label: Ván Records

Formed in: 2021

2021-Psychedelic black metal
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2021-  Bram Moerenhout - bass
2021-  Tommy Eriksson - guitars, vocals
2021-  Déhà - vocals
2021-  Meilenwald - vocals
2021-  Alan Averill - vocals
2021-  Raven van Dorst - vocals
2021-  Sharon Shazzula - keyboards, theremin
2021-  Bones - guitars
2021-  Marc De Backer - guitars, vocals
2021-  Kirby Michel - guitars, vocals
2021-  François Breulet - bass, guitars, keyboards
2021-  Jonathan Marx - bass

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For one night, Wolvennest became The Nest, by nearly doubling their lineup.
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