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Impaled Nazarene


1990-  Mika Luttinen - vocals
1995-  Repe Misanthrope - drums
2000-  Mikael Arnkil - bass
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1990-1992  Mika Pääkkö - guitars
1990-1995  Kimmo Luttinen - drums
1992-1996  Taneli Jarva - bass
1992-2010  Jarno Anttila - guitars
1998-2001  Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho - guitars
2001-2002  Teemu Raimoranta - guitars
2003-2007  Tuomo "Tuomio" Louhio - guitars
2007-2022  Tomi Ullgrén - guitars
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Latest reviews

Impaled Nazarene by the numbers is still great music by the numbers. After 7 years of silence, they are even somewhat more pissed off this time around.
Review by Netzach ››
To keep spitting tirelessly your anger and hatred of everything and everyone during 18 years (17 when the album was released, obviously), you need quite a bit of resolution and a strong will. The Finnish sickos of Impaled Nazarene have both, and show...
Review by Deadsoulman ››
When people I don't want to talk to come visit me, I usually leave All That You Fear by Impaled Nazarene in my CD player, I put red lightbulbs on all around the place and I give them my best psycho look. I guarantee you the effect is immediate. They...
Review by Deadsoulman ››
Well, Impaled Nazarene need no special introductions, they are one of the first bands to come out of Finland playing dirty-thrash oriented black metal (in the 90s vein always). A band sinister, twisted, morbid. How couldn't this band be twisted since...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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