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Job For A Cowboy

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Also known as JFAC

Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 2002
Hiatus: 2016-2023

2007-Death metal
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2002-  Jonny Davy - vocals
2008-  Alan Glassman - guitars
2011-  Nick Schendzielos - bass
2011-  Tony Sannicandro - guitars
2020-  Navene Koperweis - drums
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2002-2004  Chad Staples - bass
2002-2004  Andy Rysdam - drums
2002-2006  Andrew Arcurio - guitars
2002-2008  Ravi Bhadriraju - guitars
2004-2006  Elliott Sellers - drums
2005-2011  Brent Riggs - bass
2006-2011  Bobby Thompson - guitars
2007-2013  Jon Rice - drums
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2014  Danny Walker - drums
2005  Pauly Wynn - guitars
2016  Jon Rice - drums
2014  George Fisher - vocals
2014  Jason Suecof - guitar solo

Latest reviews

I will admit that I was never a Job For A Cowboy fan. They were OK but I found them to be too noisy at times, too faceless at others and, very often, just average. Just another modern death metal band, for the most part.

And then they released Sun Eater.
Review by deadone ››
Should I shake his hand, or not?

This was a hard one to guess, with a name like Job For A Cowboy and an album entitled "Doom" what could I expect? Doom Metal? Folk Metal? Country Music?
This was cleared to me after the first spin of the album,...
Review by Undercraft ››

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