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For I Am King


2013-  Wouter Cammelbeeck - guitars
2013-  Alma Alizadeh - vocals
2013-2017  Jurgen van Straaten - guitars
› 2017-  -//- bass
2017-  Koen Scheepens - guitars
2020-  Ivo Maarhuis - drums
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2013-2020  Jaap Relou - drums
2015-2017  Jasper van den Broek - bass
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2018  Andy Posdziech - guitars
2023  John Henry - vocals


2016 Daemons
2018 I 7
2023 Crown 7.6
2015 This Is A Warning [Single]
2016 We All Have Demons [Single]
2018 Prey [Single]
2018 Forever Blind [Single]
2018 Home [Single]
2018 Devotion [Single]
2022 Liars [Single]
2022 Running Up That Hill [Single]
2022 Disciples [Single]

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Metalcore in the new millennium has an inextricable history with melodic death metal; however, as the decades have passed, new waves of metalcore have arguably de-emphasized this lineage in favor of more technical, extreme or gnarly styles. Still, every once in a while, it’s nice to hear a fresh metalcore album from musicians that still remember the titans of the Gothenburg scene, and with Crown, For I Am King highlight the benefits of such tradition.
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