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Also known as V.A.S.T., / Visual Audio Sensory Theater

Country: USA
Label: Elektra Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1998

1998- Rock


1998-  Jon Crosby - vocals, guitar

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"Bang Band Sixxx - Relay" is a new EP from the extremely prolific Jon Crosby, otherwise known as the leader of VAST. What makes it special is that it is finally some new material actually released under the VAST moniker, instead of being included...
Review by jupitreas ››
What the hell is this stuff??

I have to admit that by now, Jon Crosby has totally lost me. I simply have no idea what the hell he is trying to achieve with his weird new way of distributing music. Let me enlighten those who don't know what I'm...
Review by jupitreas ››


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