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Silent Force


1999-  Alex Beyrodt - guitars
1999-  André Hilgers - drums
2013-  Michael Bormann - vocals
2013-  Mat Sinner - bass
2013-  Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards
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1999  Michael Müller - bass
1999-2000  Fleisch - bass
1999-NA  D.C. Cooper - vocals
1999-NA  Torsten Röhre - keyboards
2000-NA  Jürgen Steinmetz - bass
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2000  David Readman - vocals
2000  Günter Werno - piano

Latest reviews

Have you ever wondered what would have turned out if Def Leppard played power metal? In the name of your mental sanity, I hope not. Anyway, the result would have been Silent Force.
Review by R Lewis ››
Silent Force is nothing else than the band of Alex Beyrodt (guitarist of Primal Fear) and DC Cooper, the fantastic ex singer of Royal Hunt. If their first albums with the band were a bit average I have to admit that this time, "Walk The Earth"...
Review by Jeff ››
That it takes time to create something you're satisfied with is usual, don't you think, and so did leaders in Silent Force think too, Alex Beyrodt and DC Cooper used three year before they were satisfied with their new album, three whole years....
Review by Malcolm ››

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