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Country: France
Label: AFM Records

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Formed in: 1979
Broke up: 1987-1999

1979-1987 Heavy metal
1999-2005 Symphonic power metal
2006- Power metal
2006- Heavy metal


1985-  Yves Campion - bass, vocals
2004-  Franck Milleliri - guitars
2012-  Mattieu Asselberghs - guitars
2018-  Niels Quiais - drums
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1985-2015  Jo Amore - vocals
1999-2015  David Amore - drums
2002-2008  Alex Hilbert - guitars
2008-NA  JC Jess - guitars
2015-2018  Olivier "Piv" Casula - drums
2015-2019  Magali Luyten - vocals
2019-2022  Madie - vocals
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1999-2001  Stéphane Rabilloud - keyboards
2016  Joost Van Den Broek - keyboards
2010-2011  Kevin Foley - drums
2003  Fabrice "Emmanuelson" Cassaro - backing vocals
› 2009  -//- vocals
› 2020  -//- backing vocals
2005  Floor Jansen - additional vocals
2016  Kelly Sundown Carpenter - vocals

Latest reviews

Seeing that Nightmare have their own headlining shows in France, I guess they're pretty big there. However, internationally, they are nowhere near their fellow country mates that play more extreme forms of metal music like Gojira or Gorod, nor have they achieved the cult recognition Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, just to name a few. This is probably because the bands mentioned above are all pioneers of some sort in their own niche, but that doesn't mean Nightmare doesn't have their own sound despite being loosely categorised as a heavy metal band.   Review by Ag Fox ››
And here we are with the new album of the masters of Heavy Metal made in France, Nightmare! After their come back at the end of the 90's and two really good releases, this excellent combo is back with their new record, "Genetic Disorder"....   Review by Jeff ››
I don't know if you remember it, but the previous album of the great French combo Nightmare was already a damn great release, as always. Honestly do you really think that this "habit" could change with them? If yes, well let me tell you...   Review by Jeff ››

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30.01.2023 USA, Miami, FL - 70000 Tons Of Metal 2023 (3)
10.03.2023 NED, Sittard
11.03.2023 BEL, Diest
12.03.2023 GBR, London
14.03.2023 ESP, Pamplona
15.03.2023 ESP, Madrid
16.03.2023 ESP, Murcia
17.03.2023 ESP, Barcelona
20.03.2023 FRA, Paris
21.03.2023 FRA, Nantes
22.03.2023 FRA, Bordeaux
23.03.2023 FRA, Pau
24.03.2023 FRA, Toulouse
25.03.2023 FRA, Marseille
29.03.2023 GER, Essen
30.03.2023 GER, Nürnberg
31.03.2023 FRA, Nilvange
01.04.2023 GER, Munich
04.04.2023 GER, Siegburg
05.04.2023 GER, Osnabrück
06.04.2023 GER, Leipzig
07.04.2023 NED, Hoogveen
08.04.2023 GER, Weinheim
09.04.2023 NED, The Hague
12.04.2023 NOR, Oslo
13.04.2023 SWE, Stockholm
15.04.2023 DEN, Roskilde
16.04.2023 GER, Hamburg
19.04.2023 POL, Warsaw
20.04.2023 AUT, Vienna
21.04.2023 CZE, Zlin (1)
22.04.2023 ITA, San Dona di Piave
23.04.2023 ITA, Milan

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