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Orange Goblin


1995-  Ben Ward - guitars, vocals
1995-  Joe Hoare - guitars
1995-  Christopher Ian Turner - drums
2021-  Harry Armstrong - bass
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1995-2004  Pete O'Malley - guitars
1995-2020  Martyn Millard - bass
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1997  Duncan Gibbs - keyboards
2009  Jon Blank - bass
2013  Neil Kingsbury - guitars
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2000  Harry Armstrong - additional vocals
2017-2018  Phil Campbell - guitars

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Always standing sturdy and swathing in their favoured pub's distinctive aroma, British stoner riff articulates Orange Goblin are the kind of band that know full well how blessed they are with a pool cue. If the game here be one of sinking their discographical equivalent of an eight ball, they've got this in the pocket.
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