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Anorexia Nervosa


1995-  Stéphane Bayle - guitars
1995-  Nilcas Vant - drums
1995-  Pier Couquet - bass
1998-  Neb Xort - keyboards
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1995-1998  Marc Zabé - guitars
1995-1998  Stéphane Gerbaud - vocals
1998-2005  RMS Hreidmarr - vocals
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1999  Alex Colin-Tocquaine - guitars
2000  Alex Colin-Tocquaine - guitars
2004-2005  Cecil G - vocals

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Since 9 years now, each days, Anorexia Nervosa the French combo of Symphonic Black Metal grow up and grow up again. The fact is that this band is becoming more and more important every hour, every minute, only because that their music is better each time...
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Drudenhaus, the third offering of French Symphonic Black Metallers Anorexia Nervosa. Now, what does Drudenhaus actually mean? A little research teaches us that:

Drudenhaus is the name of a prisoner's camp built in 1627 on the pinnacle of the Witch...
Review by Lucas ››

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